GPS use and mapping in humanitarian applications

About MapToGround

The WFP Logistics Cluster provides maps for humanitarian aid.  Generally these map are presented in PDF and/or PNG format.

For WFP Logistics Cluster General Logistics Planning maps MapToGround provides a JPG file or a link to the WFP Logistics Cluster PNG file, a georeferenced OziExplorer MAP file and a georeferenced KMZ file.

Maps on the MapToGround site are paged by country and (if applicable) are ordered within the country page by the agency production date, most recent at the top.

However, if there is a map at UNOSAT, WFP Logistics Cluster, WPF Map Centre ZKI, or MapAction that you could use in another format then contact MapToGround with the filename and the name of your organization and MapToGround will (in all probability) provide applicable files.

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Design Toolbox
KMZ and GPX Files
Mapping and GPS
About OziExplorer
Links to humanitarian organizations, map sources, map and GPS software, map related information and tools
Camp design calculator, density, water supply, sanitation, health, diesel fuel consumption, electricity distribution
KMZ, KML and GPX files, KMZ and GPX files on handheld devices, KMZ and GPX files and GPS data on Google Earth
GPS basics, coordinate systems, datum basics, scale
OziExplorer in the field, system requirements, MapToGround resources, file types, documenting data
    Map presentation – details of how maps are presented on this site
(A) Map title and production date from the agency map sheet.
(B) Link to appropriate reference within the agency that the map was sourced from.
(C) Extract from map image at 'natural size' or 100%.
(D) The rectangular size of the area covered by the map.
(E) The scale indicator is valid for the map extract, and if the MapToGround web page and the map image are displayed at the same zoom level it will also be valid for the map image.
(F) Any MapToGround comments will appear here.  In this case there is an alert to the large scale of the map, the camp area has been calculated using OziExplorer and there is a link to a relevant smaller scale map.
(G) The KMZ file will load into some Garmin GPS units.  It will also display in Google Earth.  Further information at KMZ and GPX files resources.
(H) These two files are required for OziExplorer use.  Further information at OziExplorer files resources.
    Map Source – WFP Logistics Cluster

The Logistics Cluster is a UN cluster led by the World Food Programme, WFP.  It provides logistical resource tools to the humanitarian community during emergency operations through the acquisition, compilation and dissemination of timely and accurate geographic information.

The Logistics Cluster has given permission for the use of its maps on this site.


The material on this site was generated using data from the WFP Logistics Cluster.  The process also used software from OziExplorer and Mapwel.  No commitments have been given by WFP, OziExplorer or Mapwel that their respective products are suitable for this application.  In addition, the respective conditions and disclaimers advanced with each organization's products are applicable.  The material provided by MapToGround itself may contain errors as it is not feasible to field test the data and MapToGround gives no commitment to its validity.

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